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About Us

Mother's Farms was introduced in 2009 by CoPak Solutions.  You may remember Mother's Farms Blue Sesame, White Quinoa, and the ever popular Multigrain tortilla chips.  From the very beginning Mother's Farms snacks were gluten-free and continue to be today.  Mother's Farms was created to bring you and your family a better  and common sense way to snack.  Although, we have updated our packaging you can enjoy the same great taste with an old favorite and some exciting new flavors too.  Happy Snacking!

  • Mother's Farms Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chip
  • Mother's Farms Sweet Corn & Black Pepper Tortilla Chip
  • Mother's Farms Multigrain Tortilla Chip
  • Mother's Farms Sweet Potato Chip

With all the goodness of nature, and none of the things that Mother never intended, Mother's Farms is where goodness grows.  Welcome to Common Sense Snacking.

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